Thursday, April 5, 2012

appoiment with dentist student funny r..

ok2..1st of all..
pg 2,g ngan abah coz ummi is not very well,,
then,after hntr adq2,,abh hntr aq g SR,,
bljr untill kol 11,,duk dlm klaz tuh,,seriously bored!!
but It quite week I've to come early till Apr 22..
afta dat,kol 1.30 abh fetch me at SR,,then,start la..

*aq mmg sgt2 tkot jmpa doc,,x kira doc ape pom..

D:nervous ke??
Me:pardon?(lgi nk tny muka aq dh pucat gile2)-serious,mcm mayat!!
D:r u nervous??
Me:Oh Mai,,I'm so2 nervous,,I'm scared!
Me:ok2,,huh~*breath in,breath out!*
D:can we start now??

then start!!~